Country Pumpkins!

This time last year we had just started home-schooling our two babies and it was 'harvest festival week' at home. I remember we took them to a local church that had various crops in all of their processing stages from 'farm to shop' on display, then went to a windmill where the kids learned how flour was made before coming home to bake their own bread. (Which smelled AMAZING by the way).

After a lot of 'Googling' and local enquiries we managed to get permission to visit this pumpkin patch on the outskirts of Kings Lynn, but only "when there was no machinery / not during harvest, and they must be accompanied by an adult". Fair enough - gotta be safe! So when we arrived after harvesting, it was mostly empty and the remaining pumpkins were either squashed or had been nibbled by rabbits = 2 rather disappointed bambinos..

This year we managed to see one of the fields very briefly up close before harvest! Right by the roadside we let them look into the patch for a couple of minutes. They had a better look at the plants, and we taught them about respecting the land, and how important farming is. (And also that walking into someone's field is super cheeky and possibly dangerous, so don't do that. We always ask if we can find who to ask!)
I'd love to believe that they grow up knowing how vital the farming community is, how valuable good food is, and also have respect for the planet and all it does for us - This world doesn't belong to us. We should take care of it and leave it as we find it.

They can't wait to visit the farm shop and buy the same pumpkins that they saw growing in the field! And today when we drove past the pumpkin patch it was pretty empty, so TIMING.

Esther Wild

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