Moments when my camera comes in handy

"The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children"

Esther Wild Photographer, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk

I think of this quote a LOT. Mainly because this is how my little boy likes to hug mummy. I was looking through some pictures tonight, as I often do. And remembered this moment a few weeks ago when my beautiful window crystal arrived and I tried creating something arty and dark with little rainbows and reflections pinging about the room. For that to work, the sun needed to be very bright, but clouds were coming and going that day... This was the moment a cloud passed across the sun and I stopped to re-apply some lip gloss. In toddles my little boy, sees the camera on the tripod... throws both arms around my neck and says "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese" until I take a picture!

The focusing isn't perfect but the memory is. I hope he doesn't grow out of wanting mummies cuddles for a very long time. His little arms there just ... love.

Treasure the moments.

E x

Esther Wild

Documentary wedding photography, UK wide