Bring A Pound To Work Day


I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.

- Jet Li

Thank you to everyone that attended (and assisted) in Friday 22nd May's fundraiser! Every person donated £1 to KLFM's 'Bring A Pound To Work Day' which will go towards helping people in the local community, and the money was handed to Simon at KLFM this morning ready to be counted with the rest.

Here are just a few favourites from the day in Sandringham park, which went so well! It was so much fun, there were plenty of laughs and character too. We were expecting rain but instead had a glowing sunset. I love you, Norfolk!

Special Thanks to Jon Clifton for being an amazing assistant, and friend!

Have a great day, and #BeyGood in a small way x


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