Love in Wells..

Love in Wells-Next-The-Sea .. Part One

Just before Christmas I decided to expand my portfolio and work with couples on grown-up, emotional and personal portraiture focused on their love. I asked for volunteers to be photographed at a beautiful beach on the North Coast of Norfolk. Wells beach at low tide has one of the most beautiful, remote views. Looking in some directions you could feel as though you were in a desert, with the dunes and vast stretches of sand that seem to go on for miles. The running message of these photos was that; a strong love between two people can make you feel like you are the only two people in the world sometimes. All else fades away. And Wells was the perfect backdrop for this project.

Jamie and Jessica

Jamie and Jess have been together just over two years, after each coming out of a long-term relationship. They met online, on the brink of cancelling their memberships, and discovered they'd been going to the same pubs, gigs and other places regularly just never at the same time, both in Norfolk and London too! They never looked back and now live together, with a grumpy British short-hair cat called Bella.

"I’ve learned that you can’t predict [love] or plan for it.... Love is the one wild card."
— Taylor Swift

We met at low tide, and all remarked on the mild air - considering a few days earlier the temperature was about ten degrees colder, it was a pleasant surprise! The broken clouds were moving well in the breeze - just enough to create movement of hair and clothes but not so much that it made eyes water! Everything I was looking out for was on track - *perfect*

Usually there is some pose-tweaking and adjustments to be made before I can start taking photos with confidence but the interaction and movement between the two of them seemed as easy as breathing. A brief guide from me as to the look I wanted to achieve, and they made it their own.

© Esther Wild Photographer GIF motion animatied photograph

A few hundred frames later, I was ready to wrap up the session. We were just saying our goodbyes and packing away when the sun crept out between broken clouds. I couldn't resist asking for a couple more minutes..

If you'd like to book a romantic couples photo session please get in touch soon, There's more about this on the Home Page. Vouchers are also available to give for Valentine's Day, or any other occasion.

Thank you to Jamie and Jess for giving up their Sunday afternoon to meet me on the rather wild North Norfolk coast. And Also to our couple in Part Two, coming soon...

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