Hello all! I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

The new year is upon us - making me look back over the last 12 months, and also feel a renewed sense of inspiration and determination for the next 12. Bring it on!

I've got a feeling that people who lived through 2016 are gonna say things like "Oh, man... don't get me started!" I might be one of them, actually. But apart from remembering the losses, conflicts and politics this year brought I think I'll remember it as the year when I experienced success in business - the kind that makes you feel like you're going to achieve something. And If you're still looking for reasons to celebrate this year (not just the fact that it's over) give this article from the Telegraph a try - Good things that Happened in 2016.


The things that will most stick in my mind are working with Alex & Her Family on her Anencephaly Pregnancy, and how the local community came together to make it special. Bringing a puppy into our home (oh my gosh), Meeting Jon Culshaw, who threw awesome impressions of Tom Baker, Boris Johnson and Prince Charles into our conversations, and the heart-stopping feeling of a bride walking down the aisle in front of me. Of Course, It was the year when I was invited to shoot the fashion pages for Norfolk Bride's Magazine, too! That was an amazing day working with such a talented team, on the first editorial I'd ever been a part of. Thank you!

The resolutions *mostly* stuck - to photograph more wildlife / nature and start getting in the frame with my children rather than just photographing them from a distance. Though I still haven't met a fox... I'm not really making resolutions for next year, but there are a few unfinished dreams to complete.

Weddings have been the highlight of my year - it had been a while since I had photographed a wedding as an amateur and I wanted to be in business for a good year to update my equipment before I took on big days professionally. All of a sudden it's 2016 and I'm in the middle of a beautiful, romantic and emotional day... and I'm in my element. Thank you to everyone that showed faith in me this year by booking, I'm thrilled you love your photos and honestly cannot wait to tell more love stories next year!


We had several international visitors for both weddings and photo sessions, It's always great chatting to someone just visiting about where they are from and why they love the UK so much - new perspectives are such a breath of fresh air!

Thank you to everyone that chose me this year, near or far. You're all stars! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

* sorry if I missed anyone!

Esther Wild

Documentary wedding photography, UK wide