Love In Wells.. Part 2

Love in Wells-Next-The-Sea... Part Two

"Just before Christmas I decided to expand my portfolio and work with couples on grown-up, emotional and personal portraiture focused on their love. I asked for volunteers to be photographed at a beautiful beach on the North Coast of Norfolk. Wells beach at low tide has one of the most beautiful, remote views. Looking in some directions you could feel as though you were in a desert, with the dunes and vast stretches of sand that seem to go on for miles. The running message of these photos was that; a strong love between two people can make you feel like you are the only two people in the world sometimes. All else fades away. And Wells was the perfect backdrop for this project."

Emma and Ade

Emma and Ade were set up by a friend, and after back & forth texts eventually had a blind date of coffee in Starbucks. Coffee turned into dinner, which turned into him being a gentleman and offering Emma a lift home rather than letting her take the bus.....and the rest is history! They got engaged after 5 months and were married on a beautiful beach in 2010. They had a little boy called Ryan in 2012 and as you can see.. they are still crazy for each other!

Making the most of the perfect weather, we started at the front of the beach - sitting on the steps of one of the many beautiful huts that line Wells Beach and musing over which one belonged to the Queen.. Once again, working with this couple was easy for me - they were SO at ease being affectionate and close for my camera and we talked as we walked, which is when I learned about their romantic beach wedding overseas. The main reason I decided to choose this couple for the free trail session was that Ade has to work away for months at a time for his job, I thought it would make something special for them to keep and look at while they were apart.

"Two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that's beautiful."
— Milan Kundera

As you've seen - Emma came prepared with a few dress changes, and brought the dress that she wore to be married on a (much warmer) beach several years ago. Ade also brought his matching jacket and they looked so romantic together in the dramatic breeze! We were even stopped when leaving and asked if they'd just been married that day.

Thank you to another wonderful couple for taking the time to come along! I hope you love these photographs as much as I do.

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