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Hello! So.. any photographer will tell you, it's so rare to see full weddings posted online. Particularly, regular weddings. I've only put one full day online so far myself! But I'm new to the area and want to show potential customers exactly what to expect from their wedding day coverage with me. To be quick, I've simply uploaded this beautiful day to a gallery page and pasted it into this blog below, you can click to enlarge the images. Although my style and equipment has evolved a little since I shot this, I think it's a great example of what I do.

Matthew and Bubbles got married in December, in Cambridge. I arrived with Bubbles at 7:30am, it was still dark. Her family were already getting things ready and there was a real buzzing atmosphere in the house as she was waiting to get her hair and make-up done. The flowers were ready and as the very edges of the sunlight started to colour the clouds outside she asked "are you photographing us getting ready?". She was surprised that I'd been shooting since I arrived, which felt great knowing I'd kept out of the way and not been noticed.

I'll let the photographs tell their story...

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