Mr & Mrs Miller's Hengrave Hall Wedding

Lara and Dean's wedding was remarkable in so many ways that it was hard to take it all in! Just packed with emotion, and something to enjoy at every turn. I ended up editing a whopping 700 images from their wedding and have selected a small range below (rather crammed in a hurry...sorry!) in an attempt to tell a little of their beautiful story, which began on a chilly day in December, in Bury St Edmunds..

The bridal suite was relaxed, but with the buzz of excitement that only comes on a day like this! Lara is Spanish, and it was great hearing the various languages in the room. Hanna, Shona & Claire from The Hengrave Hall staff were making sure that everyone was happy, offering tea and breakfasts to everyone. It was nice to meet another female entrepaneur as well, as Lara has started up AmaElla with her bridesmaid! The brilliant thing about this venue was the 'boys room' was just as well equipped with useful things but also had everything a chap could ask for to pass the time while the ladies get their hair done.

Everything.... except perhaps a phone signal ;)

The lads were rather at home in this brilliant room - particularly the youngest ones. Dean had the help of his father to get his tie just right on this big day, and the best men helped each other using the diagrams on the wall (another great idea from Hengrave!)


- Bridesmaid Teresa, watching Lara get ready to leave.

Lara stepped out of the bridal suite, the picture of class and elegance. She wore a hand made bespoke dress by Rachel Lamb and shoes by Dune that frankly, could stop traffic. With her father by her side, Lara and her bridal party made their way down to the Church.

As the bridal party made their way into the church, Singer Nik é Jemiyo (hidden away on the gallery balcony) began singing 'Can't Help Falling in Love' by Elvis Presley, acapella. It was so beautiful that my eyes filled with tears - and I wasn't the only one! During the beautiful ceremony, a butterfly was making it's way around the church and ended up on the window behind Lara & Dean at the alter.

"What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate."
- Mark 10:9


"Don't ever discount the wonder of your tears. They can be healing waters and a stream of joy. Sometimes they are the best words the heart can speak." - William Paul Young


The new Mr & Mrs Miller were welcomed into their wedding breakfast by what can only be described as a 'flock of napkins', being waved like flags as they walked through to their seats. I'd never seen it before and thought it was brilliant!

Nik é was asked for an encore of The Fugees 'Killing Me Softly'. Lara and Dean stood by their seats to dance, and the room began singing along. Afterwards the ladies gave their speeches. I think what I'll never forget, is how the non-English speech still moved everyone deeply.. even those that didn't speak Spanish - purely because of the emotion in her voice, and on everyone's face. It was so beautiful.

The best men had hilarious speeches (with perhaps slightly embarrassing photographs of the groom..) that also graciously welcomed Lara to the family - she stood to translate a joke for her relatives who enjoyed the laughs, too!

hengrave_hall_suffolk_bury_st_edmunds_wedding_photography_esther_wild (26).jpg

The bridesmaid catching the bouquet was so amazing... Julie told me afterwards how much it meant to her and everyone was overjoyed that it landed in her open hands like magic. Of course, the evening was lively, fun and loud! After the first dance they all showed us how it's done, to some incredibly hard-to-resist latin beats and disco classics. All weddings are different, I love the simple, quiet ones and the loud ones full of character and traditions I haven't heard of. This one will stick in my memory for a long time and I hope that the new Mr & Mrs Miller love looking back on their photographs together for many, many years.

Venue Hengrave Hall

Hair & Make-up by The Cambridge Make-Up Artist

Singer Niké Jemiyo

Dress by Rachel Lamb

Flowers by Louis at Fleur de Lys

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