Romance at The Castle on the Hill

Kerri & Grant flew to the UK at Christmas time to be married in Historic Norwich Castle. Kerri's mother booked me to photograph the wedding via e-mail from the USA - her family is American and Kerri was visiting Thailand but has also been living in Australia! They didn't realise that our fabulous British winter days end at about 3:30pm so we quickly arranged the 'couples photo session' to take place prior to the wedding, making sure that we got the light we needed. Grant is British and after getting his MD in the UK and a PHD in Saudi Arabia he moved to Australia to teach as a professor at the University of Sydney... where Kerri was studying for her Masters in International Public Health. Their relationship blossomed and last year they welcomed a beautiful baby into their lives.

I'm not going to lie - this wedding was a test of my skills! I knew it would be in a castle (likely with poor lighting and no large windows), at night, then found out it would be in the fog as well at freezing temperatures. We hadn't had the chance to meet beforehand, obviously. Some equipment I ordered to help with the lighting issues didn't arrive due to a crash on the M6, and my little boy got chicken pox the day before.. but all of that melted away when I arrived at the Maid's Head, Norwich, and I met this wonderful, warm and relaxed, charming family...

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"Isn't it every girls dream to be a princess and live in a castle and marry the man of her dreams? "

- Kerri's Mother

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The stars were already out when we arrived at the Castle on the hill, and the predicted fog hadn't hidden their glow so I stayed outside for a few minutes to try and capture them as best I could... (before my fingers ceased up.. brr).

After Kerri & Grant had exchanged vows in the Castle Keep, their baby boy was blessed surrounded by family and friends - many of whom had only met young James for the first time that day. They walked back down the aisle as a family and began a wonderful celebration. The location was not only beautiful but fascinating - packed with history that captivated everyone.

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"I believe in the immeasurable power of love; that true love can endure any circumstance and reach across any distance."
— Steve Maraboli


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