New Dresses

I've been dressmaking for a while. It's probably the one thing I can still lose myself in, and not care whether or not my phone rings or the washing up still needs doing. But it occurred to me yesterday that I never really spend more than an Instagram moment on photographing my creations. This months had turned out pretty well - I'd bought some fabric with Christmas money and had some #sewoverit patterns still un-opened too. So this afternoon I spent ten minutes trying to photograph the dress, as well as playing with the beautiful spring light warming me through the glass.

These aren't what I'd call edited. Just a quick Lightroom filter and sharpen. And yes... I need to take that bodice in a tad at the back!

Take some time to do something you love this week.

'Betty' dress pattern by Sew Over It

Cotton from The Fent Shop, King's Lynn

Esther Wild

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