2018 weddings round up!

2018 was epic. My workload doubled, and I had a ball at every wedding! Prioritising editing over blogging means that a lot of weddings aren’t blogged and I hate going out of order… but here we are with my favourite photos of this year.

This years top moments for me mostly include happy faces - smiley, laughing and teary-eyed faces. But I had to share the slow dances of grandparents that are still completely in love, quiet moments where dads practise speeches in the kitchen, mums fastening dresses, ties, buttons and buckles. Private jokes, drunk dancing, dropped cake and the reactions when the best man spills the grooms most embarrassing secrets! And SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! Seeing how many bridesmaids I can fit in a car, bathtub, phone box or bar. Kids and animals that have no filter. Twirling dresses, royal wedding peeking, and glass-clinking. Magic tricks, special gifts, and drinks that spill over because you’re just having too much fun to care. And a driiiiiiive-through in an SUV.

Enjoy looking back! Wishing you the best Christmas and a Happy new year - from the Wild Family x

Esther Wild

Documentary wedding photography, UK wide