Lakeland Love

Back in April this year I took my family on a little break to Wasdale. Having grown quickly as a wedding business over the last 4 years, I suppose it’s only natural so wonder how far it could take me. “What could make this job EVEN better than it is?”. Travelling perhaps - with Norfolk as my base, I might be able to see some new places once or twice a year. Maybe be lucky enough to take on engagements or even elopements in a few wild places. But how do you let people know you’re available for such things if you’ve got nothing to show yet? I started by asking if anyone was willing to visit me in the Lake District while we were there, and was lucky enough to get two responses. Louise & Jason, then Amy & Paul - it takes a special sort of person to drive all that way just to dive into a freezing stream, or walk around while I work out the best way to include the scenery when I wasn’t expecting a gloriously sunny day and it changes the landscape completely. Guys - thank you SO much for being the first. Even if nothing comes from this, I’m so grateful you said yes!

Enjoy the view, Wild things.

Esther Wild

Documentary wedding photography, UK wide