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Hey, Wedding Suppliers!

When your skills and love come together on a wedding day, it brings the couples dreams to life. And it’s only natural to want to show off your hard work, not to mention look back on (what I think is) the greatest job ever. So you can now get easy access to my photographs both in a browser at the office, and in a handy mobile app, for flawless social media sharing from wherever you are. There has been rare misuse of the images over the last few years, so I created this page not just to share, but to make everyone aware of what the rules are and keep the free sharing going!

I’m only too happy to help other wedding businesses share their amazing work by giving out photographs to be used on your social media and websites. If you’d like a gallery sent to you, please fill in the form on this page. Make sure you read the terms, as publishing without asking first is strictly prohibited!

Once you have recieved your e-mail link & created a password for your gallery, you can access it from a browser at, or via the SmugMug app on Google Play, or the app store. The photographs you receive are made for sharing! They are small, optimised for fast loading with high quality, and include my logo as a sign of their copyright owner. Please leave the logo visible when sharing. Tagging is up to you - the logo is the important bit to me!

If you want to send photographs off for a magazine feature, great! But please e-mail for written permission. There are several reasons for this, from exclusive features I’m working on with other publishers, to GDPR, courtesy for the couple, copyright law and respect for the photographers property.

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