I grew up in Southern England. My hobbies are all 'hands-on'.. I sew, crochet, garden and upcycle. I've got a young family (including a spaniel) - we love to walk for miles in the country spotting the wildlife. I am incredibly sentimental, way too emotional and love deeply. I consider my work to be passionate, moody and film-like, if there's movement - bonus! My work mantra is 'keep it real' - I search all day for the best moments happening on their own.

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I became interested in photography quite early, using film SLR cameras to photograph whatever I could find in the garden. In 2003 my artistic learning started when I studied Photography at Farnborough Sixth Form College, and then onto the Open College of the Arts (accredited by UCA) in 2011 in-between work experience and family life. Having children really opened my eyes to life’s little moments; how important they feel and how quickly they seem to pass by. I began photographing weddings for friends and family, and In 2015 (from rather humble beginnings) I opened my photography business after Explore Enterprise with the Prince's Trust. My work has been featured in a few magazines including Norfolk Brides, Photography Monthly, ON:Yorkshire and The World of Photography. There are plenty of opportunities and goals for future work too.

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I moved to Kings Lynn, Norfolk in 2014 after many years visiting. I love this place - It has the perfect balance of town convenience and wild countryside with an abundance of incredible creatures and stunning views, not to mention the spectacular view into the night sky with low 'light pollution'. The beaches are close by as well, and I love to use them for work (and play)! I've travelled up and down the UK for work, as well as people coming to me from overseas (WOW).

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I call myself a portrait and wedding photographer first, but each time I try to give myself a category I fail. For example; I love to work with families... or expectant families.. maternity.. and new babies! Oh... I'd LOVE to photograph a birth. And don't shy away from the most beautiful things that you want to remember, like breastfeeding your baby. The same thought process happens for portraits and couples, I could go on for days.

So, basically, I simply love to work with people.

Well... And animals.



Muddy Stilettos Awards - Norfolk Finalist 2018
Photographers Keeping It Real - Winter 2019 Winner

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