If you’re here, you are probably in love! And I can’t wait to hear all about you both, your personalities and the journey that brought you here. And whether you’re the cuddly, romantic type or prefer to have a giggle, it’s my goal to keep it real and represent both yourselves and the unique day you’re planning ‘on film’. So If you’re looking through the galleries and blogs and can see this style being the right fit, let’s talk!


The Wedding Mission

To capture a true representation of your unique wedding in documentary / narrative fashion and to record every aspect possible - candidly, and with an organic feel. I balance 'staying hidden' with 'getting stuck in' and find the raw emotion, fun and natural interactions.

I'm a very relaxed person, but planning a very well detailed schedule before the day arrives means I don't miss anything and also find times to walk among guests or photograph the location / decorations and other goings-on. We will have a chat as you walk through your couples photos, and I'll encourage you to let your natural chemistry shine through.

When the formal part of the day ends and the dancing begins, I feed off the energy and follow the mayhem - watching people come alive and throw some awesome shapes. And I’ll use several techniques and tricks to bottle that atmosphere for you to take home. So just forget I’m around, and dance like there’s nobody watching!

You may find moments you didn't notice on the day appearing in the album. Or special effects you didn't see me create. As for editing - Just simple colour corrections and a classic film matte look across the images.


“You have bewitched me body and soul..."

~ Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen)


Have a closer look

I love a love story. From reading classic novels to watching Bridget Jones, and carry that through to my work - enjoying each couples unique story about how they met, how they fell in love, where they've been, proposal stories, what's been said that they'll always remember... It's SUCH a privilege to tell these stories for others to enjoy. Like walking through your favourite love story.. for a living! Have a look at the latest love stories, below - which show off a full wedding day to give you a better idea of what to expect when you book with me.


Tip Top Shots

Skim the cream off the top and jump straight into the best shots from the scores of weddings I’ve been lucky enough to attend


Happy Couples!


Groups - Evolved

Formal group photos come up in conversation a lot. And I feel like people are bored with them, or doing it to please others. But by putting a simple, modern twist on the group shots we’ll create an epic art piece! See more… #groupshotsarentdead


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