To capture a true representation of your unique wedding in documentary / narrative fashion and to record every aspect possible - candidly, and with an organic feel. I balance 'staying hidden' with 'getting stuck in' and find the raw emotion, fun and natural interactions.

I'm a very relaxed person, but by planning a very well detailed schedule before the day arrives means I don't miss anything and also find times to walk among guests or photograph the location / decorations and other goings-on; For example – the serving of food. I don't like to line everyone up and make them smile - most of my group photos involve throwing something or jumping.. just more unusual things that I've enjoyed capturing since I was very young. We will have a chat as you walk through your couples photos, and I'll encourage you to let your natural chemistry shine though.

You may find moments you didn't notice on the day appearing in the album. Or special effects you didn't see me create. As for editing - no airbrushing or warping. Just colour corrections and a classic film matte look across the images.





“You have bewitched me body and soul..."

~ Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen)



I love a love story. From reading Jane Austen to watching Bridget Jones, and carry that through to my work - enjoying each couples unique story about how they met, how they fell in love, where they've been, proposal stories, what's been said that they'll always remember... And by the time the wedding arrives I know why they picked that song or who made the decorations.

It's SUCH a privilege to tell these stories for others to enjoy. Like walking through your favourite love story.. for a living!


Stolen Moments


A documentary style isn't for everyone... but keeping it real is what I love best. If you're brave enough to let me into the heart of your day I can reward you with a huge delivery of genuine moments.


Elope to The Wilderness...


I'm passionate about photographing people's wedding days in a way that really captures their dream for that moment... not every day is a loud party with the whole family attending, and not every day has to involve years of planning. Some days only involve a couple, a celebrant, and a breathtaking view. They might be in a hillside lodge, where you get ready together, exchange love letters and enjoy the honeymoon and hot tub the moment you get back. But they all make your heart thump just as hard! If a wild wedding sounds perfect for you, please contact me.
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Find the right fit...

Finding the right photographer is a bit like finding the right dress - it's really personal and should make you feel comfortable as well as confident. Make sure you check out different photographers, look through their work, and find exactly the right style and fit for your day. Then you will be sure that they will deliver what you're expecting.


Some kind words from couples...

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All wedding packages come with a presentation box

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FLASH SALE! Remaining Spring 2019 Dates
are now reduced to £1000!

Are you getting married between 1st February and 18th May 2019? Please get in touch now to snap up the remaining dates.

Full Day - £1250
Keeping it simple - there is one price for full-day wedding hire in Anglia. Photography cost includes consultation meetings / Skype conferences and a pre-wedding visit to the venue if I haven't worked there before. All travel is included within the Anglia Region. Wedding day coverage covers everything from pre-wedding preparations to the evening, with a maximum limit of 14hrs. To keep an eye on the progress of your photographs during processing, you'll also have a private login at estherwild.com where I will share a selection of edited photographs as well as status details and handy notes. You will receive a luxury, eco-friendly presentation box on delivery with a selection of prints and a USB drive of all edited, high-res digital images among the goodies! There is also 'Cloud' storage of these photographs for easy downloading on any device - this is also your secure & permanent backup. Any Edited black & white photographs will come with their colour versions. The packaged delivery contains a notice of printing permission for personal use to take to any high street printers. You also receive a set of 'marked' copies with a copyright logo on, for safe online sharing with friends and family.
Your completed wedding story can also be blogged when you are ready, for hassle-free sharing.
(Minimum 6 - Maximum 14 hrs) Photography covers everything from pre-wedding preparations to the evening, Approximately 600 edited images.
(Number of edited images will depend on how long coverage lasts, how many guests attend, and other factors).


Elopement / Destination within UK - custom.
Planning to elope? Marrying in secret is desperately romantic and exciting and I'd love to be there. If you want to elope within the UK please do get in touch - secret ceremonies are packed with as much joy, emotion and excitement as a 'traditional' wedding. I'm sure you will not only want to remember this day, but share it with those that did not attend. I will happily create a package deal to suit your vision for the day.

Or perhaps you'd just like me to travel to you for your wedding day? I'd be thrilled to cover some amazing destinations up and down the UK and include everything I would for an Anglia Full Day wedding. Please get in touch with the details of your day for a customised quote.


£200 - Second Shoot Photographer

I can bring an additional professional photographer to cover more, and increase the quantity and variation of photographs delivered.

Additional Presentation boxes are available for £80.00

Books & Albums are on sale in the SHOP

Pre-Wedding Photo Sessions are available to add on for £150 

Don't forget to print your favourite photographs - nothing digital lasts forever!
All of our packaging is recyclable and we do not use plastics, except for making use of bubble wrap that the USB Boxes are delivered in, to protect them again on their way to you. The wood is sustainably sourced also - trees are planted for every order we make.


Telling your love story in great detail


Pre-wedding sessions can be added on for £150, and usually take place within 3 months of your wedding. We can go somewhere meaningful to the both of you.. They can help us get used to working together, and I usually spend it getting to know you both a little better, too.

Notice: The contact form wasn’t working between 10am on the 3rd October, and 2:30pm on the 4th October, due to a security update that disrupted the link between the e-mail address and the studio program. If you haven’t heard back from your enquiry please retry or e-mail hello@estherwild.com.
Thank you for your patience.

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I aim to reply to all e-mails within 24hrs. If you haven't heard from me, try your junk mail folder (particularly if you use a hotmail / outlook address). It may be useful to add me as a contact.


Contact Details:

e-mail hello@estherwild.com
call/text/whatsapp 07487 854147

If you'd like to follow my work online, here is where to find me socially:


Heads Up!


Whether you’re certain about hiring me or just want to talk some more, it's best to get in touch to find out if I have your wedding date free. Please be aware that dates go very far in advance (particularly for summer weekends). If I don't have your date, I will find someone similar in style that is still free.



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