That was 2017!

I just completed my last wedding booking for 2017, and it's caused me to reflect on how much happened in my first 'busy' year of weddings and meeting more couples than ever. I've seen so much and been to so many places that it's hard to choose one story to tell as a 'favourite' or one moment to top them all. They are all equally precious. So of course, I'm sharing a selection of what's gone down in 2017. Not just the prettiest but my favourite moments, too.
Thank you all so much for asking me to be there with you, and allowing me in.

If you loved these little flashbacks, you can see more of the best in the gallery, and more full weddings on the blog. I'm looking forward to even more days like these in 2018 - see you there.

Esther Wild

Documentary wedding photography, UK wide