Lisa & Paul's big day - Norfolk Mead

I recently met up with the lovely Lisa & Paul to deliver their wedding package and catch up on the last couple of months and it's really made me eager to blog their story! Lisa & Paul became Mr & Mrs at the Norfolk Mead hotel this spring, and it was really the kind of wedding day that leaves your face aching from the natural smiles. They were happy to humour me on portrait ideas and weren't afraid to have a laugh and be themselves which is really all you need to keep a marriage strong. And as the sunset faded over the pond they danced the night away together… so without delay - here is their beautiful blog post! * Updated to include their beautiful reading…

“Now there's a beautiful river in the valley ahead

There 'neath the oak's bough soon we will be wed

Should we lose each other in the shadow of the evening trees

I'll wait for you

And should I fall behind

Wait for me”

~ Bruce Springsteen

What the hell is love?

“An intense feeling of deep affection” that’s what the dictionary says,

but we all know love is much more than that, in many, many ways.

Defining love in a single phrase, just can’t be done,

for true love embraces every emotion under the sun.

One phrase can’t describe

the sweet taste of their goodnight kiss, as you close your eyes.

Or their tender touch, that sends your pulse racing to the skies.

It can’t capture

the faint lingering scent of them on your pillow

as you wake to a warm embracing cuddle.

Or that deep void in your stomach when you part

and the painful emptiness that it brings to your heart.

It can’t explain

the pure elation that you feel when you reunite once more

to their beaming smile and embracing hug, that warms you to your core.

How can it convey

their reassuring smile, when your eyes meet over a crowded room?

or their comforting squeeze of your hand, in your moments of dreadful gloom?

Their delight at your success, means far more than the prize,

and the drudgery of toil fades, when you see the pleasure in their eyes.

The stifled giggles at your private jokes, that no one else can share,

and their honest answers to your questions, that no one else would dare.

That bond of respect and trust that binds you like glue

dispels any worry that it’s just too good to be true.

You treasure all the wonderful memories that they give.

To be recalled, and cherished, for as long as you live.

So “An intense feeling of deep affection” is far too trite,

But we all know love when we see it, right?

Written by John Campbell - Father of the Bride.

Esther Wild

Documentary wedding photography, UK wide