Alex & Geethi's Hindu Ceremony & Fusion Wedding

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PART TWO: When Geethi first e-mailed me with the description of her day: ‘A Sri Lankan, British, Canadian, Indian aesthetic’, I squealed with excitement. And I’m thrilled to share a little of their day with you.

Where to begin?! With Geethi, of course - at a nearby hotel, getting ready (with help from her mother) for the Hindu Wedding Ceremony that will begin the day of celebrations. Then on to the impressive Northbrook Park in Farnham, where peacocks welcomed the families and friends in to the sight of the Mandap, with a flower installation by Jenni Bloom.
I barely blinked during the Hindu ceremony! It was the first time I’d seen one and absolutely loved every part. Right from the moment that Alex was danced into the building and brought to the Mandap in an amazing procession, lead by the Dhol drummer. And then when Geethi & Alex’s families gathered around to support and bless them through the traditions from the change of clothes, to the tying of the Thali. I didn’t speak the language, but was so moved.

After the marriage ceremony was complete and food had been served, everyone left to change out of their traditional attire and into their dancing shoes, and the kind of wedding reception I’m more experienced in capturing was due to begin - after the new Mr & Mrs Bhattacharya had their time alone for photographs, of course!

It was wonderful to see the families join together to toast the happy couple and wish them all the best for their future. Out of all of the places they could have chosen, they chose this place, and everyone came with them from across the world. And it’s a heartwarming thing to visibly see the support that Geethi & Alex have from their loved ones. And with that, I’ll leave you to see it for yourself!


Photographs © Esther Wild
Venue - Northbrook Park
Florist - Jenni Bloom

Esther Wild

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